The “Cost” of Healthy Living

I really believe that obesity is an epidemic. Being overweight doesn’t define who I am as a person. I am not my weight. But I got here on my own and I am slowly coming back on my own too. It is not easy though.

By now you have all probably guessed that I eat a lot of the same things on a daily basis. My breakfast never changes. Its simple and good. I sometimes change-up what I eat for the rest of the day depending on whether or not I am working, working out, etc. But those meals are all the same as well. Colin is also following a similar plan, seeing that it is just easier to cook the same things for everyone.

But eating healthy isn’t always easy. Or cheap. The better the quality of food, the higher I find we are paying for it. And because everything is so fresh, we make several trips a week to the store to get our food. Food prep helps everything go a long way and we spend a lot of time prepping our meals every week.

Now on the flip side of that: eating crap. That isn’t that cheap either. It is an illusion. For example: if our family goes to McDonald’s, we will easily pay over $60 dollars for the five of us to eat. Do you know what Colin, the king of the bargain, could do for $60 dollars at the store? We could eat like KINGS! So while I feel like we might be spending more on healthy foods, we are, in the long run, spending way less than we would be if we were eating out all of the time. That is awesome.

To me the “cost” of healthy eating far and away outweighs staying unhealthy. This just makes sense.


Hello my name is Sarah

And I suffer from anxiety and depression.

I’ve written and rewritten this post several times. But I felt it was important to talk about something that only my closest family and friends know: I am the worlds greatest actress.

My job is to always keep it together. For my family. It’s imperative that my children have a strong person they can depend on. Sadly, that’s much more difficult on some days more than others. When I started this journey almost 3 months ago it was more than just about losing “physical” weight. I also needed to lose “mental” weight as well. My mind wasn’t well. I didn’t want to ever leave the house. Some days I didn’t even want to get out of bed. Hitting figurative and literal rock bottom was what I needed. 

It’s so important for me to talk about this now. Why? Because it’s gotten better. I spoke to people that could help me and I am well on my way. My supposed system is amazing. I know who to turn to if I need help. And I know that they will be there. Every. Single. Time.

I hope that in time, I won’t feel like this is a part of who I am. That it’s something that doesn’t affect me so much.

Be patient though. I still have bad days. A bad week (cough last week cough). But I keep moving forward. Because it’s the only choice I have. That’s always the way it will be. I am Sarah and I will never give up!

The New Normal

While it has taken a week, our family seems to have fallen back into a school year pattern. Or “The New Normal” as we like to call it! Everyone is deep into their new classes and I have even started to work part-time during the days, evenings and on Saturdays. Last week was stressful but this week has finally gotten everything into place.

The biggest issue that I was having was trying to fit in a meal while I was working. But I have it all figured out and am proud to say I have been a 10/10 for the week. I wasn’t feeling so hot Tuesday and Wednesday, but I woke up this morning and I feel fantastic.

I am sure that my body is going to take some time getting used to being on the move so much again, but I am looking forward to the fall now. It’s going to be a good end of the year. I hope.

Week 13 Take Away

I began working part time at Starbucks this week. And so far so good! I am enjoying getting out of the house a few times a week. And since I’m working while the kids are in school, nothing really changes for them! In terms of going back to Starbucks and my current eating plan, I am proud to say I haven’t been at all tempted to eat a thing there. My biggest issue is finding the time to sit down and eat. It’s all go go go! My weight didn’t change this week, but being on my feet and the weird eating should calm down this week and hopefully we will see some results next week!

Next weekend Colin and I will be attending a wedding! I suppose it’s my official “coming out” since beginning this journey, although most of our close friends have seen me during this journey. I still haven’t even bought my dress because I was worried it wouldn’t fit! Guess that means I should probably use that giftcard I got for Christmas last year and get one!

These past few months have been eye opening for Colin and I. If there is one thing I can take away from this journey so far, it’s that I am loved. Everyone has been so supportive of us and we could not have done this so far without the support of our family and friends. So THANK YOU for being here and thank you for loving us💕

Week 12 Take Away

  1. They say it takes a month to form a new habit. I can’t believe it but its been 3! When I began I thought that there would be absolutely no way that I would be able to get through this summer without drinking and eating they way that I have in the summers before. But I did it. I had to become less social to do so though. That makes me a little sad but then again, not really. July was a complete shit show and I’m not really sure how much socializing I would have done anyways. And August flew. Wow. So here I am. 12 weeks down. Im excited to see where I can be in another 12 weeks.
  2. Its back to school time! Woo.Hoo. That also means back to a much more structured schedule for the kids and for Colin and I. We love the structure. Its certainly been helping us become successful thus far. Throwing the kids back into a routine will certainly be helpful as well!
  3. Things went really great this week. Colin’s cousin came into town to visit and we went down to the Jays game on Sunday. It was awesome. I am sticking to the plan both with what I am eating and exercising. I was down another 4.4 pounds this week. In twelve weeks I have lost a total of 35 pounds! I could not be more proud of all the work that Colin and I have accomplished. He has lost 27 pounds himself! Onto week 13 and onto FALL!

Week 11 Take Away

  1. If last week was a shit show, than this week was bang on! Nothing feels as good as vacation, but getting back on track feel pretty good too 🙂 Started my week off meeting with my Coach and discussing moving forward. We are coming to the end of a second cycle! What? I had to decide of I would continue on. Duh! Of course I am! We also talked about my migraines and the different foods that I will be avoiding to try to keep them at bay. The usual suspect: dairy, including hard cheese, nuts, caffeine (minus my one cup in the am). And my work out plan is pretty low-key because my left patella tendon has a tear and I need surgery. So no boot camp style workouts for this chika! I walk 50 minutes including cool down now, plus I swim. And it’s obviously working. I am down five pounds this week!
  2. I know a lot of you are curious about what I eat in a day. It’s not very exciting, I promise! I eat simple protein every morning. I have a pre exercise snack and then have my lunch after which is protein and a complex carb. I eat two dinners with protein and veg: one at three and another when Colin comes home. If that doesn’t sound like enough food, I have another snack after dinner! And I drink a ton of water. It has taken me a few months to teach my body to eat properly again. And my ultimate goal is to eat whatever I want. But don’t mistake what I mean. I’m not talking about eating crap. During my weight loss, I am generally eating the same things every. single. day. It’s what needs to be done. My goal is to get to place where I take the tools I have now and create menus that are healthy and full of good foods. So I can eat whatever I want!
  3. I will be heading back to work (part time) in Sept! I am very excited and also a little nervous. I have been living this journey pretty publically. Now that I will be working again, I will be seeing so many people on a day to day basis. Always watching 😉

Welcome to my Journey

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my journey to health! This isn’t my first rodeo but I wanted to share more of my journey with all of you. We will laugh together, cry together, get angry and support each other! I am really excited to move forward with each one of you. And I hope I inspire you start a journey of your own!

Stay tuned. Big things are coming.